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Parker Pram Liner & Straps

Parker Pram Liner & Straps

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Is it time to sweeten up your pram’s style? Then you need an IZIMINI Pram Liner!

These super colourful liners will brighten up any pram… and protect it from stains, spills and other moments of ‘mini madness.’

Thanks to the ultra-comfy padding, your mini will stay super snug at all times. Whether you’re taking a short stroll around the block or a long walk on a weekend outing, they’ll feel like the king or queen of the road in their decked-out pram!

Your IZIMINI Pram Liner:

* Provides extra padding to stop your mini squirming on long walks

* Is machine washable for quick and easy cleaning

* Fits almost any pram (88cm X 40cm)

* Is built to last using 100% cotton cover and premium polyester filling

* Comes in 5 cute designs that make other kids (and parents) jealous

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