Our Story

Hey you!

We are so glad you have stumbled across our wonderland, The Wonder Store. My name is Grasienne, pronounced Gracen (and yes, I've been saying that my whole life...if you were wondering) ๐Ÿ˜‚ For reference, my first name was my Great Grandmother's maiden name and I actually love it, it's unique and i've never met another Grasienne before.ย 

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia before uprooting our families life to create a better future for our little tribe up further North in Central Queensland. My husband Josh and I have a little boy, Jaxon, and two miniature dachshunds, Harry and Bruce.ย We love hanging out as a family enjoying the simple things in life like going on park or beach adventures. Having said that we are homebodies and love each others company and our little (old but new to us) house that we are slowing making our own.

Creating The Wonder Store has been a dream of mine for a long time. Years and years of dreaming, but we were never in the position to make the dream a reality until now. During those years and years I worked in the corporate world of Telecommunications through different management positions, never having the time bring my passion to life. After I had our son Jaxon I went on maternity leave and got to spend an amazing almost 15 months with him before I decided, I am ready to put myself out there and do this for our family. It's our time, lets make our dreams happen!

So here were are, it's happening. Welcome to The Wonder Store, we are so excited you are here.ย 

Grasienne xx